Water Testing

Why perform water analysis?
  • The single most important substance on earth is water. Water plays a crucial role in transporting essential nutrients in plants and animals. Knowledge of water quality is essential for wise economic management of primary production land, control of corrosion in pumping & storage equipment, as well as for the health & well being of livestock and humans. The SAFE Analytical Laboratories water analysis service has been developed to compliment our soil testing and tissue mineral analysis service. A residue analysis service will also be commissioned to measure chemical pesticide residues in water and waste water in the near future.
How is your water analysed?
  • A number of sophisticated techniques are used to analyse soil samples. Conductivity, pH, TDS, ammonium, nitrates, and chlorides are measured with selective probes. Carbonates and bicarbonates are measured by titration, whilst minerals are measured by ICP MS & OES, GCMS, AAS and IC.
Water Analysis - What we test for
  • A typical SAFE Analytical Lab water report consists of:

    1. Basic parameters:
Acidity (pH) Conductivity Saturation index
Conductivity Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Total hardness

  • 2. Cations

Ammonium (NH4+) Magnesium (Mg2+) Sodium (Na+)
Calcium (Ca2+) Potassium (K+)  

  • 3. Anions

Phosphates (PO43-) Chlorides (Cl-) Carbonates (CO3-)
Nitrates (NO3-) Sulphates (SO42-) Bicarbonates (HCO32-)

  • 4. Trace elements
Aluminium Iron Tin
Boron Manganese Vanadium
Cobalt Molybdenum Zinc
Copper Selenium  
Chromium Silicon  

  • 5. Toxic elements
Antimony Cadmium Nickel Thallium
Arsenic Gold Platinum Tungsten
Barium Lead Rubidium Titanium
Beryllium Lithium Silver Uranium
Bismuth Mercury Strontium

The levels of the measured parameters will be presented as parts per million in an easy to read graph style format.

Additional tests
We also conduct a colour index test for the detection of tannins.

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