Product Testing

SAFE Analytical Laboratories
  • Safe Analytical Laboratories provides contract analysis on a variety of products and methods. SAL follows the code of Good Manufacturing Practice as outlined in the Therapeutic Goods Administration guidelines. Our goal is to provide quality service in a reasonable time at a reasonable cost.

  • SAL is a modern laboratory utilising the following equipment for listed product testing:
  • Dionex High Performance Liquid Chromatography system with a diode array detector capable of purity and identification testing on a wide variety of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and herbal products.
  • Dionex FTIR Spectrophotometer with a Universal ATR Sampling accessory capable of determining the identity of solid and liquid samples quickly and accurately.
  • Karl Fischer Titrator - Moisture Analyser for determining the water content of solid samples.
  • UV/VIS Spectrophotometer for assay and purity testing.
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for measuring mineral/metal content of raw material/products.
  • Dionex Ion Chromatograph for testing anions.
  • Thermaline Muffle Furnace.
  • Ancillary equipment including balances, ovens, etc.

  • The dedicated analysts at SAL perform analysis on raw material, intermediate, extract samples and liquids, herbal materials, vitamins and finished product powders, capsules, liquid extracts and tablets for identification and purity of active ingredients. Safe Analytical Laboratories' professionals have years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry performing the analysis and validation of a wide variety of raw materials and products, providing method development and validation documentation and analysis.

  • Currently, the only licenced testing service on the Gold Coast, SAL provides a competitive option and, together with Gold Coast Laboratories, can offer a complete service of manufacture and testing.

Quality Assurance

SAFE Analytical Laboratories
  • Safe Analytical Laboratories conducts testing using strict guidelines.

  • In addition to fully qualified analysts, documentation and testing are monitored by a Quality Assurance Manager.

  • To further ensure quality practices, frequent internal audits are carried out and external audits by TGA are conducted periodically.

  • Accredited testing ensures:
  • That test results can be reproduced
  • Equipment is accurate and routinely calibrated
  • Use of certified reference materials
  • Regular review of documentation and methods
  • Strict control of records
  • External review of results
SAFE Analytical Laboratories
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